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Expand in IRAN

Agent-ship, Dealership, Franchisee advisory and International Products launch and PR and BTL Services with professional local agency.

Campaigns for IRAN

Professional Media-Buying Services for ATL Advertising on major media provider inside and outside Iran.

Supply for IRAN

Search, Source, Supply & Support from China toward Iran’s market with local inspection and Factory Production line monitoring


American Brand, US Trade Mark Registration & Legalized Business Set up in United State of America for Middle-eastern businessmen.

Who We Are?

Caro was founded with a vision to provide solutions that run better to clients. Located in Dubai, UAE, We are a privately-owned Holding comprising a group of companies that serve a broad cross-section of industries not only in the Gulf region but also globally.
Caro develops market-leading capabilities in every area, by thoroughly understanding your business, challenging conventions and using technology which breaks through the tech clutter to help you stand out from your competitors. Combining the most comprehensive portfolio of solutions and channels in the market means we have become experts at identifying and delivering the most successful tech solutions and channels that fit.

What We Do?

With a team of specialists who are not just highly competent, but also passionate, committed and energetic, We work collaboratively with you to understand your challenges, and then define the strategies and tactics that lead to successful solutions.
Our core expertise ranges from Website Designing & Development Services, Sourcing, Branding, Business setup, Production, Media Solutions, Social media marketing among the many. Whatever efforts we put in; materialize into increased efficiency of businesses and generating profits in the long run.
We are focused on delivering real and significant growth for your brands and services across their sales and market share, by thoroughly understanding your business, challenging conventions and using media which breaks through the media clutter to help you stand out from your competitors.
We have a rigorous planning approach that combines data with idea generation and helps us to come up with solutions that are both effective and creative. Our scale, scope, and knowledge allow’s  us to address problems that no one else can. We plan, manage and evaluate from concept to completion ensuring ROI is achieved.






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